High Version Reject Conveyor

High Version Reject Conveyor

The unit installed after AOI for separated NG board for visual ion, inspect and good boards will pass through without stopping.

Standard Features

● Panasonic PLC Program control.

● Start / Stop push button.

● Anti-static conveyor belt.

● Centre PCB stop position.

● Touchscreen control pannel.

● Easy way of belt replacement.

● Reject and by-pass mode selectable.

● Heavy bottom design to prevent shifting.

● PCB precise stopping in position.

● Smooth and parallel width adjustment.(lead screw)

● SMEMA compatible.

  • Optional
  • Optional

Technical Specifications

● Transport height: 950mm ±30mm

● Transfer direction: Left to right

● Operation side: Front of the machine

● Fixed rail: Front of the machine

● Interface: SMEMA

● Conveyer concept: ESD flat belt

● Belt speed: 0.5-20m/min adjustable

● PCB edge support: 3mm

● Components clearance: Bottom 30mm or specify

● Power supply: 230VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph

● Power consumption: 100VA max. or specify

● Load bearing: 1.5kg/PCB

● Buffering capacity: 1 PCB or specify.


● Automatic width adjustment (set in touchscreen)

● Light fixture with tower light.

● Additional lift positions for extra buffer capacity.

● Other options available on request.



Model CYCX330L (B) CYCX460XL (B)
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) (B)x 750 x 960 (B)x 880 x 960
Weight 70-100kg 90-130kg
PCB length 50mm - 445mm 50mm – 530mm
PCB width 50mm - 330mm 50mm – 460mm
PCB Thinckness 0.6mm – 4.5mm 0.6mm – 4.5mm
Fixed rail to front dimension(A) 180mm 180mm