Traverser/Shuttle Conveyor

Traverser / Shuttle Conveyor

The shuttle conveyor is used for transporting boards from one line into two lines or vice versa. The orientation of the board is not changed during traversing.

Standard Features

● Panasonic PLC Program control.

● By-pass mode selectable.

● Customized traversing distance.

● Towerlight display for machine status.

● Frequency controlled traversing speed.

● Enclosed design ensures highest level of safety.

● Conveyor width adjustment by hand crank.

● SMEMA compatible.

Technical Specifications

● Transport height: 950mm ±30mm

● Transfer direction: Left to right

● Operation side: Front of the machine

● Fixed rail: Front of the machine

● Interface: SMEMA

● Conveyer concept: ESD flat belt

● Belt speed: 0.5-20m/min adjustable

● PCB edge support: 3mm

● Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph

● Power consumption: 250VA max. or specify

● Cycle time: Depends on traversing distance

● Number of Cart: Sigle cart transportation


● 2 transferring carts operation.

● Touchscreen instead of button panel.

● Customized traversing distance.

● Good - or bad board separation.

● Automatic conveyor width adjustment.

● Servo drive upgrade for shortened cycle time.

● Cantilevered input- or output conveyor.(length 500mm)

● Other options available on request.



Model TRB250M TRB330L
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 503 x 1050 x 950 503 x 1350 x 950
Weight About 140kg About 200kg
PCB length 50mm - 470mm 50mm - 470mm
PCB width 50mm - 250mm 50mm - 330mm
Fixed rail to front dimension(A) 200mm 200mm